To Infinity and Beyond
By Kavish Kondap

My Recent Study

When attempting to comprehend the expansive concept of infinities, it can often be arduous for the human mind to grasp the underlying properties of boundless number sets.

To Infinity and Beyond


Richeson, Posted by Dave. “Countability of the Rationals Drawn Using TikZ.” David Richeson: Division by Zero, 3 Feb. 2017,

Who I Am

Hi! My name is Kavish Kondap, and I’m a 10th grader living in California. I’ve always been passionate about math, and just recently got into teaching other students as well, both through tutoring and a math club I founded at my school. I’ve been meaning to share what I know with the world, and this blog is hopefully the first of many more to come! There are tons of fascinating topics to cover, and I hope to educate and help others with this work.

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